The mythical Monte Teleno, place of enigmatic mysteries, sacred mount of the native tribes of Asturias, mansion of gods and undecipherable symbol throughout the centuries, guard inside its 2188 meters of height, an invaluable exchequer, water.


The aquifer wealth of this mount already was exploited by the Romans, who gave to it the god’s recognition having dedicated it to Mars Tilenus, was used to gather the water of its summits and to move it by means of a hydraulic network of channels, part of which are visible nowadays, up to the golden mines of “Las Médulas” to more than 30 kilometres, in one of the most impressive mining complexes of the antiquity.


Probably the ancient peoples already discovered the natural properties of the aquifer of “Sierra del Teleno”. The spring Teleno flows naturally in a place called “la juncal”, in the small locality of “Palacios de la Valduerna”, placed at the foot of the Monte Teleno, in León’s province.


It’s thought that this is the origin of one or several underground bags of water in the depth of Sierra de Teleno which, surrounded by its clayey morphology isolate these aquifers of any external pollution.


Traditionally the wealth of this one mineral water was well known by the inhabitants of the small populations of the region of Valduerna, being a place this spring of continuous abundance for the local communities of the zone; which, as if place of peregrination was treating itself were coming loaded with containers to do collection of this one mineral water.


About the eighties, the exceptional chemical composition stated of this one mineral water, qualified of VERY WEAK mineralization, but it was not even the 90 until its declaration was not obtained such how.


With the first name of “Luengo”, in honouring to its first promoter, this spring happened to be named recently Teleno, in relation to the Mount that gives it origin.

Monte Teleno