The water that heals you.

The water that heals you.


The mythical Monte Teleno full of enigmatic mysteries, a sacred mountain for astures tribes, home of gods and undecipherable symbology.

A long the centuries , has been kept under its 2188 meters high an invaluable treasure , water.

The rich aquifer from this mountain, was exploited by romans. This civilization gave it’s name coming from the god Mars Tilenus. The aquifer was used for collecting the water from the top, and move it by a hydraulic chain of channels, which some of them are still able to see. This channels ended in the gold mines of Las Médulas. These Gold mines are one of the most amazing mining complex from the past, placed 30 km far away from Teleno Mountain.

Probably other ancient tribes had discovered the natural properties of the Sierra de Teleno´s aquifers. The spring Teleno flows naturally in the spot called “La Juncal”, in the small town Palacios de la Valduerna, placed in the province of León .

The origing of our mineral water is inside sierra del Teleno, where is estimated the existence of one or several waters aquifers. This aquifers are protected by a morphological clay that during millions of years has kept from external contamination.

Traditionally the richness of this water was only known by the local habitans of Valduerna region, but it was also exploted by other comunities near this zone. They usually walked as peregrinations , carrying recepients to fill them up with water.

By the eighties, it was found the unique chemical composition of this mineral water , described as very weak mineralization, but it was not until the 90s his statement was not obtained as such.

At first, this spring was recognized with the name of Luengo, as its first promotor, but recently it was renamed Teleno , which comes from its origin.

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